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How does a Submission help my child in their career?

Just like all major Awards Show guilds, the Young Artist Academy™ each year invites Industry Professionals to participate on the Nomination Committee.  The committee is comprised of accomplished Casting Agents, Managers, Studio Executives, Journalists, and Governors from other Entertainment Awards. These review the submissions and determine the Nominees.


Each submission, therefore, receives the time and full attention of important industry individuals. This provides a dignified and proper introduction of each submitter before influential industry decision-makers.  Becoming known and recognized by the right people in the Entertainment Industry is far more valuable than self-promotion or social media stalking. Connections and Contacts have been made simply from a Nomination Committee Member being impressed by a submitted performance.

Notably, some of our adult academy members do not have children, but work in casting and production with major youth-focused brands (Disney, Nickelodeon, Hallmark, to name a few).  As members, such key individuals participate in the actual voting of each year’s nominations and winners.


Why are Nominations voted on by other children?

As supporters of young performers for over 40 years, the Young Artist Academy™ categorically rejects the outdated suggestion that young artists lack the capacity and virtuosity to vote in award selections. We believe that young performing artists are the most sophisticated and capable children & teenagers in the world!  As true supporters of young talent, our aim is to educate them to become proficient at this exciting element of entertainment associations.


While the most visible part of the Young Artist Academy™ is the annual Awards Show, a major component to its membership is Industry Education.  Learning valuable industry skills increases the likelihood of success. At a young age, the Academy aims to prepare each young artist for acceptance into adult counterpart organizations.  Aptitude in peer voting creates empowerment, ability, and confidence to do so - which places our members leads ahead in their respective genres, and more desirable by other major academies that honor such talent.  This naturally in turn can greatly advance one’s career expectations.


On what criteria are Nominations judged?

Counterbalancing the world of social media, young members are offered the educational experience of the exact voting process and expectations of all merit award shows.  Nominations are not judged based on popularity. Rather, voting members are regularly reminded to consider the criteria adopted by the entertainment industry: Artistry, Technique, and Talent.


Exclusive member educational components - including member newsletters, interactive comments, and event opportunities - help to reinforce and establish the “Industry’s” standard of judging.  When available, member screenings and discussions of classic award-winning films adds to a young artist’s comprehension and ability to identify fundamental qualities of great storytelling.


How do I cast my votes? 
Who should be involved in the voting process?

Again, the model of the Young Artist Academy™ is the same as major award show guilds. Once Nominees are announced and a voting begins, each active member is sent an electronic ballot and a unique login to view the nominations online.  Instructions and a suggested time allowance are recommended.


Children are naturally curious, and maintain a sharp eye for detail.  Often (unlike many adults), young voters are masterfully able to maintain an honest perspective on the projects that move them.  Voting gives them a legitimate and open invitation to express themselves and enhance this ability.


Families and Managers are encouraged to use this opportunity to partner with their child, and mentor them in a truly impactful and unique experience.  Many parents express having eye-opening discussions about genres of entertainment that they didn’t realize interest their child. While some teenage members have admitted to voting by themselves, the process is developed in a way to encourage family bonding and conversation.


Industry Adults are welcome to apply to become members, and receive their own ballot and login

Our confidence in our members is enormous, and through adopting the Industry’s voting model, we actively support their ambitions and career efforts.  When educated and mentored to recognize specific elements of artistry, young members become proficient and valuable members of the entertainment industry.



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