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How does the Academy help my child in their career?

Any reputable Award Recognition brings an artist otherwise unattainable career advantages:

  • Increased Publicity
  • Industry Legitimacy
  • Exclusive Access to Red Carpet Events
  • Entertainment Industry Contacts
  • New measures of Negotiating Power

Since the Young Artist Academy™ follows the same model as the Oscars®, Grammys®, BAFTAs® and Emmys®, participating in the awards process also pulls back the curtain on how to win other industry awards.

Young professionals qualify to become Academy Members - a process they will similarly repeat to become members of the Television Academy (Emmys®), Recording Academy (Grammys®) or Academy of Motion Pictures (Oscars®). Young members also gain experience & aptitude in another important element they will experience with the larger award shows: Academy Member Voting.

As nominees, the Young Artist Academy™ assists youngsters to hone their personal brand, strengthen their publicity abilities, and provides them with a professional reference by a respected Entertainment Industry organization.


How does my child benefit from affiliation with the Academy?

While the most visible part of the Academy is the annual Awards Show, the actual goal of Academy Membership is education of the Entertainment Industry.  

 Learning valuable industry skills increases any performer’s likelihood of success. Proficiency creates empowerment, ability, and confidence - which places our members ahead in their respective careers.


Why are Nominations voted on by other children?

As supporters of young performers for 45 years, the Young Artist Academy™ categorically rejects the outdated suggestion that young artists lack capacity and virtuosity to vote in award selections. As true supporters of young talent, our aim is to educate them to become proficient at this exciting element that they will later experience as members of larger awards. 


On what criteria are Nominations judged?

The Young Artist Academy™ provides a unique educational experience by adopting the same voting expectations of all respected award shows.  Nominations are not judged based on popularity or committee.  Like the Oscars®, Grammys®, BAFTAs® and Emmys®, voting is done by academy members.  Young members are taught how to apply the Entertainment Industry’s voting criteria: Artistry, Technique, and Talent.


How does an Academy Member vote?  

Like the larger awards, each active member is sent an electronic ballot and a unique login to view the nominations online.

Who should be involved in the voting process?

Children are naturally curious, honest and maintain a sharp eye for detail.  Voting gives them a legitimate and open invitation to express themselves and enhance this ability.

Families and Managers are encouraged to use this opportunity to mentor young voters in a truly impactful experience.  Many parents express having eye-opening discussions with their child about the projects that move them.  While some teenagers admit to voting by themselves, the process is intentionally developed in a way to encourage bonding and conversation with artists and their families & representatives.


Who can be an Academy Member?

Young professionals ages 5-18 benefit greatly from Academy Membership.

Academy Alumni and other Entertainment Industry Professionals are also welcome to apply to become members.  Grown-up members also benefit from the Academy’s red carpet events, publicity opportunities, and receive their own ballot and login for voting.

Our confidence in our members is enormous!  
By adopting the Entertainment Industry’s model, we actively support the ambitions and career efforts of our members and help prepare them for successful careers. 



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